“you are what you eat”


We would like to inform and show how we work to get a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The saying "you are what you eat" applies for us. Understanding what quality means and how it is obtained helps to educate the consumers about what they buy and eat. A constant training work between producer and end customer, helps to induce a demand for quality through a quality offer. An approach out of the logic of the market, qualitatively homologated downwards and culturally homologating. The high-quality extra virgin olive oil brings taste, well-being and territory closer together. We are open for individuals, groups and schools. Book your visit in the Contact section.



The Gold of Galam

"Gold" stands for oil, "galam" in Sanskrit means "cold water". We have thus renamed this exclusive high-efficiency heat exchange system capable of cooling the olive paste- whose optimal processing temperature is 18/22 C °. This is in order to activate lipoxygenase as much as possible. With climate change underway and with increasingly early harvesting, we often find ourselves having to manage olives producing paste at temperatures that often exceed the limits imposed by excellent processing. The studies were carried out by Professor Maurizio Servili of the University of Perugia. The system was developed by EVP Systems of Florence in collaboration and under license of Alfa Laval © which obtained, in June 2019, the European patent for the entire process.

“the Gold of Galam”